Please look below to find common support questions.  If you don't see your question, please contact us using our contact page:

Quick Start

1) Log into the Demo Database to get a feel for iVun's features

2) Sign in as a free user with your email account.  You can currently upload up to 600 contacts with the free account.

  • Go to the settings tab and import some of your contacts.

    • Only contacts with valid addresses will be uploaded. The addresses don't have to be perfect - but contacts without addresses will not be uploaded.

    • Just import the contacts that have valid, complete addresses. These are integrated by the GREEN toggle. If you have contacts that you don't want to include, simply change the toggle.

  • Go to the PROSPECTS tab and tap the Refresh button. Your nearest contacts will appear.

    • Tap on the compass to get driving directions.

    • Tap on the phone to make a phone call.

    • Tap on the Flag to record a visit or cold-call to your prospect.

    • Tap on the middle of the contact cell to bring up the screen to edit contact info.

    • By default, the uploaded contacts will be labeled as "Prime" and can be viewed on the contact map as "Prime" contacts.

  • Go to the MAP tab to view customers, Prime accounts and other contact info on your map

  • Click and Drag the Purple Planning map pin to have iVun center prospect contacts as an alternative to centering around your own location

Prospect Listing - LEGEND


Detailed Instructions

Signing in to create an iVunCloud account

  • It is recommended to first try the Demo Database to understand the features of iVun.

  • Signing in is an easy process and only requires that you provide a unique UserName along with a valid email address.

  • You will initially be presented with blank list of contacts.  The next step is uploading your own contacts:

Uploading contacts from your Address Book

To upload contacts, navigate to the "Settings" page (gear tab at bottom of iPhone screen or light-background button on lower right of map screen on iPad)

One of the options presented with be "Click to import Address Book"

  • The dialog box that pops up will ask you to wait until you see that the contacts are loaded.

  • If it shows that you have space for remaining contacts, you will be presented with a list of contacts that have complete address information (so that they can be mapped)

  • Any contacts that you don't want to upload can be "Deselected" by turning off the green button.

  • When you are finished selecting contacts, you can tap the "Upload" button and the contacts will be loaded.

  • Once back in the settings menu, select Done and then Refresh on the main contact listing header.